About Voortman

"Driven by technology, with focus on the people behind it"

Voortman is a family business that has been established in 1968. We started building steel structures and automated steel processing machines over fifty years ago and have since grown into a leading machine manufacturer for steel processing machines under the name Voortman Steel Machinery. What we do:

  1. We build machines
  2. We develop software
  3. We offer the best service

Together we are Voortman, offering a complete steel processing solution.

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Life at Voortman


Employees 650
Founded 1968
Years of experience 56
Locations 7

Our vision

We work together to achieve the finest results for our customers, achieved by working collaboratively and placing trust in one another. We love new ideas and rejoice in implementing them. Sometimes they do not succeed, often they do. It is only by trying that you will make progress. We dare to stick our necks out and thus improve again every day. And our customers notice this. They sense our commitment, which results in surprising results. We draw great pleasure and satisfaction from this.


Life at Voortman


1. We build machines

First of all, we are steel-processing machine builders. And with 25+ products, we can always offer our customer a solution. Supported by our logistic solutions, such as Multi-System-Integration (MSI) and smart buffer zones, we can set up automated production lines for our customers.

2. We develop software

Software has become indispensable to our machines, allowing us to automate our machines as much as possible. Our in-house developed software products VACAM, Digi-Steel and EVI provide our customers with maximum insight and control over their machines and processes.

3. We offer the best service

In addition to machines and software, service has been central to Voortman since the first generation. 95% percent of questions can be solved remotely with our 24-hour online support. Is there something we can't solve online? Then our well-trained engineers will be at the customer's site within 24 hours.



Gerrit Voortman joins the company of his brothers, H. Voortman & Co. and soon, the mechanization business burst at the seams. This is the foundation of Voortman as we know the company today.


Two separate companies were established: one for mechanical engineering; Voortman Automatisering, now known as Voortman Steel Machinery. And a company for steel construction under the name Voortman Steel Construction, that kept its name until the acquisition by Severfield in 2023.


To better service mechanical engineering customers in Germany, Voortman Deutschland GmbH is founded. To this day, Germany is an important sales location for Voortman, and some machines installed in 1992 are still running.


From 1995, Voortman focused solely on CNC-controlled machines for the steel construction industry. This specialization is a success, as the company is growing tremendously.


In the spring of 2000, Voortman Steel Machinery moved to new premises in the Plaagslagen industrial park in Rijssen, The Netherlands, where its headquarters are still located.


In 2003, a branch of Voortman was opened in England, near Birmingham: Voortman UK Ltd.


The year of the introduction of VACAM Software on Voortman machines. A fully in-house developed software system which gives users maximum control and flexibility, and which continues to be developed to this day.


Voortman Steel Machinery starts a company in Chicago, USA: Voortman USA. This company serves customers in North, Central and South America. Since 2012, North America has been one of the most important sales areas for Voortman.


Voortman opens the state-of-the-art Experience Center, equipped with a showroom and training facilities. In the same year, Voortman France is also established.


In 2018, Voortman Steel Machinery established its new Voortman Parts Manufacturing division to manufacture fabrication parts for machines, such as frames, roller conveyors and cross conveyors.


In 2023, 150 colleagues move into the new and ultramodern Voortman Engineering Center. In the building, our colleagues can use an R&D hall, offices, company restaurant Steely's, a 3-story parking garage and a meeting center.

2023 Q1

At the end of Q1, Voortman sells one of its divisions; Voortman Steel Construction to Severfield, a UK publicly listed steel company. It gives both Voortman Steel Machinery and Voortman Steel Construction the opportunity to continue to grow and thus face the future with confidence.

2023 Q2

In Q2, Voortman Steel Machinery acquires Müller Opladen GmbH, a leading manufacturer of tube processing machines. This strategic move allows us to offer more to our customers while tapping into emerging markets such as Offshore & Energy and Process Equipment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Safety is our top priority. Everyday everyone safe everywhere is a major slogan that recurs daily in our company. We are unstinting with our people and our customers since they are of inestimable value to our company. We also show respect for our environment so generations after us are able to enjoy living and working as well. We have translated these objectives into our QHSE policy, of which Think Safe – Work Safe is a part.

QHSE policy

Quality, safety and the environment have our constant attention. Good is not good enough – we strive for better! When developing any new products and buildings, our focus is on sustainable development (energy and materials) and reducing our environmental impact (waste, CO2 and energy).

Think Safe - Work Safe
All our employees should be able to get home safely after work for their evening meal. Accordingly, we intend to keep risks on the shop floor down to a minimum in terms of both safety and the environment. We therefore map out all the risks before a project starts and establish how we can control them. We repeat this anew for each project. We have developed a program for this ourselves: Think Safe – Work Safe.



Rijssen, The Netherlands

Welcome to our Voortman Campus. This is where over 400 colleagues from all over the world work together. It is the heart of our production: the beam and plate machines, advanced material processing solutions and our VACAM Software are developed, assembled and delivered to our customers here on the campus.


Lyon, France

Bonjour! Voortman has offices around the world and among the office locations in Europe is Lyon, France. With a dedicated team of over fifteen professionals, including Project Managers, Sales, Support and Service Engineers, we have a local presence to serve our customers as quickly and effectively as possible.


Monee, United States

With a focus on North, Central and South - America, our colleagues at Voortman USA are ready to serve our customers on the other side of the ocean. Next to a team of Support Engineers, our Monee office also has its own warehouse, showroom, installation and service team.