learning & research during your internship


At Voortman, we offer future talent all the space they need to learn and develop, both personally and professionally. Every work placement period we have positions available for learning or research.

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You can make a difference

We always lay down several specific assignments available for each work placement period. Our organization is developing continuously, which means that we are constantly seeing new challenges. That is why we do not have standard work-placement assignments in place; we look instead at the need in our company at that time, and you, as a student, can make a worthwhile contribution to it. This way, we can ensure that your work placement results will be used well in practice.


In addition to the number of assignments we define ourselves, we are also open to your ideas. As long as it contributes something to our company, which makes it just as rewarding for you. How fantastic will it be if your work placement assignment leads to a concrete plan that will be put through in our company? And you may be the one doing it, should you decide to carry on working with us after your work placement or final year. If, on the other hand, you want to continue your studies then perhaps a standby contract is something for you. This will let you gain experience during your studies, and we will keep in touch with you.


- Compensation 💰

Every intern at Voortman receives a fixed compensation for the work and/or research they do:

  • Internship: €400,- per month
  • Graduation: €450,- per month
- Travel expenses 🚀

We will cover your travel expenses. That way you won't incur any unnecessary expenses!

- Equipment and materials 💻

We arrange everything you need to carry out your internship or graduation assignment. For example a laptop, special tools or software.

- Experienced coach 🎓

Effective guidance is important, so you will have a regular coach during your internship or graduation assignment. This expert in your field will be there to support you during your employment.

- Time for personal development 📈

We give you all the tools and space you need to further develop yourself. Think about trainings, courses or attending seminars.

- Opportunity for a (side) job  🏁

If you enjoy your time at Voortman, we will gladly offer you a job or side job! There is a good chance that you can carry out your own research or take the next step within the organization.


Internship / Thesis: SAP to cloud implementation advice

32 - 40 Rijssen (NL) €400 - €450

Internship/Thesis Optimizing Weld Quality and Efficiency

32 - 40 Rijssen (NL) €400 - €450

Internship/Thesis: Dynamic user Interfaces

32 - 40 Rijssen (NL) €400 - €450

Thesis: Job shop schedule for plate processing process

32 - 40 Rijssen (NL) €400 - €450

Internship/Thesis: Create an app for the rejection process

32 - 40 Rijssen (NL) €400 - €450

Internship/Thesis: Resilient event mechanism

32 - 40 Rijssen (NL) €400 - €450

Internship: Enhancing Classification Data with AI

32 - 40 Rijssen (NL) €400 - €450

Thesis: Customer Data Driven Layout Design

32 - 40 Rijssen (NL) €400 - €450



Joris Tiemissen

"My internship assignment contributes directly to the project the department is working on. Within this assignment, I am given plenty of room to take my own initiative."

Joris Tiemessen is in his final year of studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente and is taking the Master's degree in Design & Manufacturing. Part of this is a three-month internship, which Joris is doing at Voortman in the Software Engineering department. "I definitely had to get used to the business-like work, in the department people work hard. Everyone is willing to help and the fact that I can do something directly relevant to the team makes my short period at Voortman very instructive."


Roos Haafkes

"I didn't have a lot of expectations for my first internship, but it's really a lot of fun! There is a lot of laughter and everyone is very approachable, also for interns."

Roos Haafkes began her first collaborative internship in the Finance department in September. "It was tough to suddenly start working 40 hours, but other than that it's mostly a lot of fun. Everyone is down-to-earth and we work hard, but it is also very fun. Everything is super well organized. On your first day you get a laptop and your own workstation. And after my internship, I continue to work a few hours a week at Voortman at times when I don't have school."


Life at Voortman


Steely's: Meet & Eat

Enjoy a freshly prepared lunch every day in our brand-new company restaurant Steely's! The menu changes daily and there is something for everyone. Mark your calendar: Friday = snack day. To keep the balance, there is also free fruit every day for all colleagues.

Work hard, play hard

Need a break? Play FIFA on our PS5, challenge your colleagues to a game of table tennis, play a board game or show off your skills in our panna cage! Plenty of choice to clear your head with your colleagues.

Drinks are on us!

Almost time for the weekend! But first... drinks with your colleagues in our Experience Center. Drinks are on us! Of course, not mandatory, but always a lot of fun.


As a final-year student and trainees you will be learning from us, but we are also sure to learn from you! It is something we do every day, but we also have a number of set sessions in which we consciously focus on this. Accordingly, there is an introduction day for new work-placement trainees and final-year students with each traineeship period. Here you will be given more information about Voortman, as well as getting to know one another and you will be taken on a tour of the company.

The next meeting will take place once you have been on your work-placement or final-year period for a couple of months. We would like to hear what you think of Voortman: what is good about it and, more importantly, what could be better. We will conclude the meeting convivially with an activity.

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