earning your first salary alongside your studies


Are you 15 years of age or older and looking for a side job? Great! At Voortman you can put into practice what you learn at school. Our team is young and enthusiastic and likes to roll up their sleeves in addition to their education. Their interests vary from mechatronics to construction engineering or welding. But despite this, the young people who have a side job at Voortman have one thing in common: learning the craftsmanship they are being trained for in practice!

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What will you be doing?

We like to offer young people a chance to get in touch with technology and gain work experience. There is plenty to do at Voortman! Our cleaning team makes sure that all workplaces and machines look neat and tidy. It's certainly not just cleaning and sweeping, but this crew also loads and unloads our welding robot, for example. Speaking of welding, we still do that by hand, too. Want to learn real craftsmanship? Then we can teach you welding, for example on Saturdays. Would you rather tinker with machines? That's possible as well! Maybe you'll become a future assembly engineer or field service engineer. If you work in our workshop, you are already well on your way. You can also make a contribution in the area of logistics. We receive a lot of goods every day and they have to be stored in our warehouse. You check the materials, count them and make sure they are processed correctly in our automated system.

A workday (on Saturday) at Voortman...

- 7.00AM: Coffee! ☕️

The workday begins with a cup of coffee. At 7:15AM there is a brief work meeting. Who is going to do what today? The work can be different every week.

- 9.00AM: Break 🍞🍲

At 9:00AM there is a communal break, while enjoying a cup of coffee or soup of your choice there is some time for relaxation. Laughing together is important! Then you roll up your sleeves again. Work hard, play hard.

- 12.00AM: Weekend! 🚀

At noon the work is done and it's time for the weekend. The day ends together in the cafeteria. See you next week!


Life at Voortman

A side job at Voortman?

Meet our colleagues from the Saturday shift!

What is it like in practice? Our colleagues Rutger and Gerhard will tell you more about it. They supervise the Saturday shift. Good to know in advance: with us it doesn't matter whether you clean the workshop on Saturdays, are a graduate with us or work in the office.... We are happy you are part of the Voortman team!


Steely's: Meet & Eat

Enjoy a freshly prepared lunch every day in our brand-new company restaurant Steely's! The menu changes daily and there is something for everyone. Mark your calendar: Friday = snack day. To keep the balance, there is also free fruit every day for all colleagues.

Work hard, play hard

Need a break? Play FIFA on our PS5, challenge your colleagues to a game of table tennis, play a board game or show off your skills in our panna cage! Plenty of choice to clear your head with your colleagues.

Drinks are on us!

Almost time for the weekend! But first... drinks with your colleagues in our Experience Center. Drinks are on us! Of course, not mandatory, but always a lot of fun.