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Our Assembly & Production departments employees put into practice what our own Engineering departments have created. At our Voortman Campus we do everything in house: from building the construction of the machine to testing it. The Assembly & Production departments work together on challenging projects, requiring the necessary expertise.

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The Assembly & Production departments are spread across the Voortman Campus. Here, our colleagues work every day with their hands - and the necessary tools - to make the constructions for the machines and assemble them for our customers. Read more about the specialties of the different teams: Production, Cabinet Control Production, Assembly, Testing and Warehouse.


The practical work on a machine starts in the Production department. The brainwork is done, now it is time for action! In the production hall, various disciplines work together – including welders and operators – to make the individual parts for the machines and transport systems. Metal is cut here in various ways, and if necessary welded together and spray-painted in the well-known Voortman colors. Once the parts are ready, they are forwarded to the other side of the Voortman Campus, where the Assembly department is located.

Cabinet Control Production

The beating heart of every machine is its electrical control cabinet. Our control cabinet production department deals with the production of these cabinets on a daily basis. The employees build the control panels which are mounted in the cabinets from scratch. With the help of high-quality machines, we have automated as much as possible the process. From drilling the holes, assembling the wiring gutters and parts, up to and including the placing of the panels in the cabinet. For example, the special computer program Eplan is used to convert the panel design into a 3D model. This model shows exactly which parts are needed, where they should be mounted and how the wiring should run. At Voortman, we work in a different way than most traditional cabinet control manufacturers: we work very innovatively! Are the panels ready? Then we test them thoroughly and mount them in the control cabinet, which is then ready for the next step: assembly.


You can dream up something as wonderful as you like, but it must be feasible in practice. That is why we work in close collaboration with the Engineering department and we will be involved already in the design process for a new machine. Together with colleagues, our assembly engineers work on one machine at a time, assembling both the mechanical and electrical parts of the machines. We work with different power systems, such as pneumatics and hydraulics. The machines are complex and very innovative, which brings along the necessary challenge. At Voortman we work with standard machines with customer-specific configurations, which makes every machine slightly different. Based on a drawing, the Assembly department assembles modules to create a complete machine. This might include a drilling, sawing or plate cutting machine. They then combine the frames supplied by the Production department with, for example, the panel supplied by our Cabinet Control Production department and the parts purchased from one of our suppliers... A new Voortman machine is born!


Our warehouse is responsible for all incoming and outgoing goods in our organization. It is a major linchpin. Not only engineering components come to mind, items such as coffee also come in via the Warehouse. Incoming goods are checked by Warehouse employees and then processed. We have a fully automated warehouse system at Voortman, this means you will always know where goods are located. You will ensure that the right materials are delivered to the workplace, enabling your Assembly colleagues to get on with their work without any worries. In addition to this, you ensure that your Service and Maintenance colleagues will always set off to the customer with a well-stocked service van. Shipments of parts and tools to the customer are also arranged via the Warehouse. Not only will you ship the right part, but you will also look after the correct packaging and consignment documentation. This can be quite a challenge at times since the goods are shipped all over the world!


Once it has been assembled, the machine is tested thoroughly. Our Test Engineers are responsible for testing and setting up the machine, so it actually does what the customer expects it to. They will check the assembled machine against the customer’s specifications and set the correct parameters. Our Test Engineers know exactly what machining operations the customer will be carrying out and will perform production tests. The machine will not ship without the approval of our Test Engineers.



Passionate about technology and expertise: that is what it is all about with our Assembly and Production teams. Improvement is something that comes naturally in these departments. Voortman is a large company with all the opportunities that come with it. Our colleagues work with many different technologies on several types of machines; they can head in any direction with us and we are open to personal development. At the same time, Voortman has a small-company mentality which is also reflected in the Assembly and Production departments. Nice and personal, caring for one another and doing, rather than reflecting too long. With plenty of room for fun, of course, because we believe enjoying your work is the basis for quality.


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Passion for engineering and craftsmanship; that's what Voortman is all about. Robert has been working as a Welder at Voortman since 2016. The best thing about his job? "That we build a complete machine from a steel plate."


In our assembly hall we work passionately every day to assemble a machine. From start to finish. Test Engineer Tom Nijhof knows all about it!


The beating heart of every machine is the electrical control cabinet. In the panel building department, these cabinets are assembled from start to finish. Join our colleague Wouter!



J&D Pierce Contracts Ltd. is a large structural steel fabricator based in Glengarnock, United Kingdom. Pierce invested in the largest European fully automated Voortman system. Due to the size of this immense project, the system was on forehand determined and designed based on real-time simulations.

Derek Pierce, CEO van J&D Pierce, explains: “I did expect quit a few glitches with the total automation and the load balancing and there were very few problems which I was incredibly impressed with. The system is a large system and it has a tremendous amount of automation and they all worked almost perfectly first time which I was incredibly impressed with. We can do 200 tonnes per day without any issue at all. The facility is more than capable of doing way over 1.000 tonnes per week."

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Ian Cahill, managing director of Cahill Structures, based in England, is a testament to the transformative power of the right machinery in structural steel fabrication. "The industry we're in is a very competitive industry. Everything's about being efficient."

In the pursuit of efficiency, Cahill found himself on a quest for quality machinery to reduce man-hours and increase production capacity. This led him to Voortman. With Voortman's machinery, Cahill Structures has seen a significant reduction in man-hours by an average of 25 to 30% per ton. Cahill states, "We can run both machines load and unload and start the steel with two people." The company now handles projects well in excess of £7 million, a far cry from their early days of £50,000 projects. “The machine can do the work of five or six men running a day.”

Curious? Discover the story of Cahill Structures.