the commercial heart of Voortman

Marketing & Sales

The commercial heart of Voortman. That is our Sales and Marketing departments. Together they turn the most challenging and complex projects into successes, thanks to optimal customer support and expertise. Together, team Sales and team Marketing have the task of bringing Voortman to the attention of (potential) customers and providing them with optimal guidance and advice throughout the entire process, wherever they are in the world. From standalone machines to complex fully automated production lines; at Voortman, every customer needs, desire or demand matters. Challenges excite these teams and keep their brains running at full capacity. For our Sales and Marketing employees, nothing is impossible; they think in solutions and have an enormous drive.

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Team Marketing is working every day to increase our international brand awareness and expand our presence in the market, for example by introducing new machines and solutions. They do this through campaigns aimed at specific industries including steel construction, energy and recycling. The campaigns are propagated through the website, social media, paid advertisements, webinars and YouTube. Our marketing strategy requires a lot of content, and our Marketing team can do that like no other! They also attend trade shows and events. In short, our Marketing department is a jack of all trades.


Our Sales team is responsible for selling our machines, software, consumables and maintenance contracts. In addition, they guide and advise our customers. Not only when purchasing a machine, but also when it has been put into use. At Voortman, we invest in long-term partnerships in which we continue to monitor and support our customers. In our Sales department, several disciplines work together: Business Development, Sales, Inside Sales, Account Management and After Sales.



Our Sales and Marketing teams work closely together and share their knowledge and experience. Not only do they work a lot together, but also with colleagues and dealers abroad such as America, France, Poland and Australia. Both teams consist of driven colleagues with their own expertise, but with a large common denominator; they go for the absolute best quality. Sales and Marketing work from the Voortman Experience Center, where both teams have their own floor. Close to the showroom, where our machines and solutions are on display and we receive customers. And close to where they have a drink together to finish the week on Friday. Because besides hard work, sociability is also very important to these teams.

"The feeling of having been able to help a client and the lasting relationships we develop with our partners give me enormous satisfaction."

That's what our Account Manager Dennis ter Harmsel answers in response to the question, "What's the best thing about your job?" Dennis has been working at Voortman in the Sales Department since 2012, where he focuses on After Sales.

"When I leave with the customer, I want the customer to know exactly what they got from Voortman. We see openings to strengthen the relationship with our customer even further."

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Life at Voortman


An interactive way to learn from experts

For hundreds of live viewers, we host webinars led by our Marketing team. Working with internal and external experts, we cover a wide range of topics of interest to our clients and offer viewers the opportunity to ask questions via live chat.

Prior to the webinar, it is promoted online by our content team through paid ads on various online channels in five languages, through mailings and social media posts.

Curious? Watch our webinars here!


Our client's experience as marketing strategy

Customer experience is an important part of our marketing strategy. At Voortman we have many machines in our portfolio and almost endless possibilities to configure a production line. To inspire potential customers, we like to share experiences from our existing customers. Our marketing team visits existing customers on site when their machines are up-and-running.

Our latest testimonial is with Cahill Structures in the United Kingdom. Since purchasing two Voortman machines, their capacity has increased dramatically. Listen to their experiences in the video below.



One of the largest Steel Service Centers in Finland, the BE Group, chooses the most advanced automated routing with optimal layout from Voortman Steel Machinery. Thanks to the data-driven approach to perfect logistics routing, production will be tripled with more efficient use of crane capacity.

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