translating market demand into new product

Product Management

From small machines to supplying fully automated production lines, at Voortman we do it all. Our Product Managers ask themselves continually how we can respond even better to market needs. Team Product Management listens carefully to our customers, keeps an eye on the competition, knows what is going on in the market and which technologies can be applied in our industry. Then they invent great solutions. Automating production processes and achieving maximum output for our customers is a great challenge for our Product Managers. At Voortman, Product Management is challenging combination of technology and commerce.

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Whereas Voortman was a traditional machine builder a few years ago, we are increasingly developing into a total supplier of automated production lines. The Product Management department determines the roadmap for machines to be developed and determines which machines the Engineering department will develop. To this end, our Product Managers closely follow and analyze new technological developments and translate them into new machines or the improvement of existing machines. The needs of the market are very important and they take this into account in their developments. Our Product Managers work closely with the Sales department because their technical product knowledge gives them valuable information that Sales can use to sell our machines.

The Product Management department is happy to share this technical product knowledge, for example during internal product training sessions and webinars - which in turn are intended for a wider audience. Together with the Marketing department, our Product Managers think along with the market introduction of new machines. This combination of technology and commerce makes for a versatile job for our Product Managers. Each Product Manager is responsible for his own product group, for example Plates or Beams or - in the future - our Fabricator. These different product groups are used in different industries. The Products Managers know the branches and industries of their product group like no other and know exactly what the customer needs. On this basis, they develop product roadmaps.


Team Product Management has a central role within Voortman and works with many different departments. That is why they have flexible workplaces. You will find the Product Managers regularly in the Marketing & Sales office where they brainstorm about approaching new branches. Other days they join Engineering to brainstorm about functionalities of new machines to be developed.

"Voortman is an international family business where choices are made at lightning speed. Our customer comes first and we have great products. That's why I work at Voortman."

Valentijn Velten joined Voortman in 2019 as Product Manager and is responsible for the strategy within the Beam product group. "A development I am very proud of is the new V633: a drill & milling machine."

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Life at Voortman

Voortman V633

Born out of market demand

The Voortman V633 is a machine born out of market demand and feedback from our customers. The Product Management and Engineering departments received feedback from Sales to create a drilling and milling machine that could go the extra mile. More tools, faster operations, simultaneous processing on four sides, and drilling, milling and marking with unprecedented stability and quality. The result is the fastest drilling, marking and milling machine in the world.

Want to know more? Watch the video of the Voortman V633 below!

Voortman Fabricator:

Fully automated assembly and welding

The biggest challenge in the steel processing industry is delivering projects on time while the availability of qualified assemblers and welders continues to decline. Our Product Managers and Engineers were looking for a solution. The result? The Voortman Fabricator! Aside from fully automated assembly and welding, the Fabricator offers the fastest lead times and maximum efficiency in space usage.

Want to know more about the solution to the shortage of qualified welders? Watch the video below!