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Software Development

Building a machine or a production line is one thing, but actually getting it to run as well is at least as important. We rely on the Software Development department for this. They ensure that all individual components are controlled and work together. The day-to-day work of our Software Engineers consists of designing, developing and testing software. High-quality software that ensures that manual operation by the end-user are kept to a minimum. Our Software Developers are keeping up with the times and are therefore constantly on the lookout for even better and faster systems.

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Behind every machine lurks a software package that we have developed ourselves: VACAM. It is a component that you can’t see, but you will notice at once if it is not working. The Software Developers work daily on this software platform. They use the most up-to-date technology in the fields of C#, WPF and PLC (TwinCAT). Their build line is made up with Visual Studio, Git and Jenkins. In short: they have the most up-to-date and the best tools at our disposal. This gives us the opportunity to innovate, to make our machinery even more user-friendly and to automate it to an even greater extent. In addition to this, reliability is highly important. That is why our Software Developers work with code reviews and set great store by (automated) testing.

What our Software Engineers invent is made on our own campus. In fact, at Voortman we do everything ourselves. From developing a machine, building it up to and including installation at the customer's faclity and subsequent service. We work on a tangible product. During the production process, our Software Engineers are keen to think collaboratively and share their knowledge whenever necessary.



Team Software Engineering is driven. It is a dedicated and enthusiastic group of people who are there for each other. They are really partners, know how to find each other quickly and are happy to think collaboratively. Together with the colleagues from Team Engineering they work closely together in one room and bring out the best in each other. In this team there is plenty of space to develop yourself, both personally and in terms of your specialism. They are also keen to share their knowledge with each other and challenge each other daily to a game of Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Nintendo Switch, which is located in the department.

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Software Development

Everything our Software Developers invent, they can see developed in-house. After all, at Voortman we do everything ourselves! Software Developer Peter explains how that process works.

Software Engineering

Jack is a Software Engineer at Voortman. Our innovative, cloud-based software helps automate and optimize our customers' production flow. What exactly is Jack working on?


Life at Voortman

Voortman Software:
Fully developed in-house


Extended Voortman Insights, better known as EVI, is Voortman's software package that helps our customers prevent downtime. Operators receive instant notification in the app or on their display when a machine requires their attention, providing insight into why the machine is down and how it can be improved. EVI helps reduce downtime, provides insight into production output and provides insight into productivity history. EVI is fully optimized to enable "Unmanned Running," allowing operators to focus on other things.


VACAM is fully developed in-house in close consultation with our Engineers, the designers of our machines. VACAM is continuously evaluated and improved based on customer feedback and through updates. In this way, the contribution of software to machine hardware is increased. VACAM is one operating system which works the same for all our machines. Combined with our VACAM Office package, it gives our customers maximum control of the machine and real-time visibility into their production from the office.


Comprehensive HMI and software support for process-oriented tube machining, powered by Müller Opladen:

  • Import of all common 3D models
  • Modeling of cutting geometries
  • Nesting of numerous parts to be cut on one tube
  • Assignment of cutting functions to one or several machines (considering their respective capacities)
  • Tracking of current process steps on the machine(s)
  • Calculation and recording of cutting times and costs


DIGI-STEEL is a cloud-based software solution that automates applications and optimizes the production flow for steelworkers worldwide. Based on advanced technologies and years of experience within the steel machinery, software and steel construction sectors, we are developing this future-proof environment entirely in the cloud. DIGI-STEEL helps companies move forward by providing new levels of control, automation and efficiency - across the entire production workflow. With DIGI-STEEL, data flows from model to machine and integrates seamlessly with other key management systems.